Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Monday potion

What is it about Mondays that make everything better? I love Mondays - I can get back to work, everyone goes back to work, and I have all this energy pent up to get it done, so I get lots done quickly. Then again, maybe it's just this particular Monday b/c it's so gorgeous out and there is lots of yummy food to eat at home.

The water is so blue here. I love how dark a blue it is. I remember being in Korea and having people lecture me about how many different expressions for colors exist in the Korean language, but how inadequate English is to express color. I suppose this is true, but I don't even need the words - taking all of this water in w/my eyes is enough to fill me up.

People have lovely homes here; Ben and I took a short walk on Saturday and I showed him some of the houses he had missed b/c he's never taken the back road to town. He looks at practical things like roofs and garages, which do not exist in my realm. I saw a great pair of boots full of dirt and flowers today while walking to town in the sun.

I finally packed up a bag and hauled it to town so that I could sit somewhere, anywhere with enough light, so that I could read or draw or write or whatever I felt like. I parked myself on a bench on the harbor and watched boats take off and little boys splashing into the water to hang out with ducks. I had met an officer last week who asked me if I painted at all, and I said, NO. I might give this to Ben to give to her so that she can see how much I don't paint. Some guy came up to me and was like, "you're drawing something? Nice!" and I wanted to explain, but I guess that's what it was. Drawing something.

It's also cool b/c the breeze is strong today. I came back in b/c the sun was getting strong and I wanted to eat, but I may go out again since I've gotten some work done. Ideally, I'd finish the book I brought, inspired by Jami (since reading is indeed better than the internet for my frazzled little brain).

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