Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I want the jet lag excuse

[I can't even remember how young I was when I stuck these stickers onto the bookshelf.] I had been so freaked out about how bad the jet lag was that now I'm disappointed. I haven't napped for the past two days and sleep fine through the nights and get up kinda early but I actually like that. So I'm perfectly functional in this time zone!

I do like hiding out. Yesterday I got up the energy to tackle STUFF, though I haven't yet touched the bins of artwork and supplies I left behind last year. But there was plenty of re-organizing and purging and whatnot. I scheduled a shoot w/Stefan for tomorrow, which is long overdue. It will take forever and be slightly boring since I want to document my woven pieces, but at least that will be taken care of before I make a new batch of work. Sarah was a total doll and came to see me yesterday after work; I got to meet her mom! and then we got snacks at the health food store, I used US currency again (totally weird), sat by the river, and went to the soda fountain for frozen yogurt (I know, I live in some kind of time and space warp. I swear, there was NO such soda fountain in this town before a couple years back).

Things are falling into place for next month; I have a new list of errands to run before the residency starts, like adapter cord purchases. My external HD suddenly came to life now that it's back stateside so I'm backing up now. I have one app I should mail by Saturday, which I dread, since it requires printed photographs of my work rather than slides or digital files. And my trip upstate has been derailed again! If I don't make plans, I feel unsettled. If I make plans, they're broken. I can't win. Instead, I think I'll lay down and watch Weeds.


jacklyn said...

Glad you've made it home, are getting sleep and making progressing on getting stuff done. You're an inspiration.

jacklyn said...

i meant making progress.