Saturday, August 01, 2009

Final day

Vacation is almost over. Sad, but I'm ready to work (I say this now!!). Ben didn't have to go in early today since he ships out to JRTC (don't ask what this stands for b/c I forget already) in a couple days, so it was nice to not wake up to a blaring alarm at 5-something in the morning. I put finishing touches on my apps and walked to the local library to print and then to the local post office to ship. Done! That was two; I have at least four more I'd like to do before my residency starts on Monday.

I rewarded myself by going to the ice cream stand for a cone of mint chip, but the clerk gave it to me for free b/c it took him a while to figure out which was mint: he's color blind. Velma and I had talked about the challenges for color blind artists, but I never thought about it being an impediment in other occupations! After packing and cleaning, I made curry tofu and had a generous glass of red wine. So maybe those apps won't get done...

Last night, I went to a dinner w/other officers and their wives, which was a trip and a half. It was like me hanging out w/math clubbers or cheerleaders in high school; I'm surprised they didn't boot me for being so anomalous. I was broken in over drinks and appetizers at another officer gathering for someone's bday right before the dinner, but there was something about sitting w/the wives in the living room (of course the men were in the kitchen w/beer) that gave me a feeling similar to one I had in Korea when sitting w/Korean men over drinks and food: how did I get here??

I also still feel really badly about not having my camera in shooting condition in Canton. Sigh. Again, how did I get here?! I used to be so anti-photographing. It's amazing how things constantly change.


TK said...

This cheerleader would have hung out with you!

These posts are so interesting--it sounds like you've actually slowed down a little bit! I'm impressed and proud of you.

mjc said...

Re: the camera - it's the blogging life, I think.

Velma Bolyard said...

maybe i'll take a couple of pics for you, but you can come back. really.