Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chasing tails

I just spent about 15 minutes, maybe more, totally stumped as to where I had put my passport. I finally found it, in the obvious place (pocket of luggage). I'm trying to pack for my trip upstate, which has turned into a morning flight to Cincinnati via Philly tomorrow, followed by a road trip through to Ben's place on Lake Ontario. I want it to be a vacation, but have to take a few apps with me. I may finally get to meet Velma, which has tempted me to bring some cords to weave. Other items include a history of the b-boy DVD, cinnamon soap, and Bruno Munari's Drawing A Tree. Note that I am only "trying" to packing has actually happened yet.

I did my stealth trip into the city today for a photo shoot w/Stefan. Seeing my woven pieces being lit and shot made me feel like I was taking country mice to the big city to be dolled up and sent to a fashion shoot. If I didn't have so much crap to carry, I would have brought my camera to shoot the shoot. It was great to catch up, both on documentation, and in person - he does such a good job, and puts up w/me always saying, "I don't know," "maybe," "whatever looks good," instead of knowing how I want to set up and light my artwork.

After walking from 42nd and Lex to 20th and 5th Ave, I went from the latter to 36th and 9th Ave to meet Pauly and new hubby David for Thai dinner. It was kind of surreal, but wonderful to see her again and to meet him and to have decent Thai food (we agreed on bad places to get Thai in Seoul; she had lived there years ago). Then I walked back to Grand Central: no underground transit today! I didn't quite get all my errands done, but at least mail art went out. It was weird to walk around NY again, this city that I love(d). The diversity was novel to the eye, though I miss being part of an Asian majority, but it felt like a tame, small town compared to the madness I lived in just a week ago.

So I happily trek further away from city life.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like you're adjusting well. remember to take your time, though! re-entry is always harder than one thinks.

miss you.