Friday, January 25, 2008

This is for a woman who knows how to fight back at B&H

I agree with her (and am glad she told B&H that it is unacceptable for women customers to be treated like crap by male employees): teeth as identity is endlessly fascinating. I'm sure that this casting of my current mouth will find its way into some art in the future.

I have been wrangling all day with my artist statement. Clover was a huge help after the first draft, but now it's developing an attitude of its own and I feel pulled in a million directions. In the meantime, I was also researching the following: 1. red ankle boots, 2. corner rounders, and 3. ball chairs. But then in my searching, I found our old favorites: the womb chair. Which is hella expensive! After wondering how much Oberlin dished out for the ones in the library, I found out.

Makes me covet one all over again. But I should lay off; I have recently given into book and DVD splurges. Which I NEVER do. Updates on that once they arrive.

P.S. - Jami has been evicted from her home in Brooklyn! Horrible, and she is looking for housing. If you have any leads, please let her know.


Anonymous said...

Nice teeth - and THANKS for the postcard!!!

I got it just before the big group photo, so I held it up and inserted you into our group vicariously. So: you ARE here in January, having a much, much better time!

polarchip said...

You can bite something and it can be like your personal seal or stamp of approval! Or it's like embossing?

aimee said...

it took that long to get to VT??! yikes. so much for having it arrive when you got there. i'm glad you got it! hopefully the other thing will arrive in time but if it doesn't, know that i intended it to arrive at the end! thanks for inserting me; it's true that last year, i was much unhappier during that photo. hahaa.

Anonymous said...

This was the cloth one - I e-mailed you when I got the paper one, earlier on, so I think your sequence is working (grin). People at lunch were really intrigued by the cloth one, even though it was sealed.

aimee said...

oh, whew. thanks for the clarification. hahaa.