Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Remember "SOY BOMB"?

This is the final version of my fourth knit book (please note use of Mexican amatl as endsheets and also the brown sheet as the backdrop: gracias, Elizabeth!). I've only now uploaded some more pictures to flickr; I have no idea why I was being such a lazy dud about it: the knit plastic bags and the stories I keep posting here. Today, I visited Beatrice at her lovely apt. Her friend Jim, who runs the only gallery in Manhattan south of Chambers, also came by so that we could drive up together to see Beatrice's solo show at Lehman College. Damn, that space was nice.

The weather was ridiculous today. High 60s in NY in January??! Maybe winter nostalgia made me reminisce about the soy bomb dude from the '98 Grammys today, while staring at the river from the train.

Tomorrow: don't miss Jami read from her new novel, The Kept Man, at B&N Chelsea!


elizabeth ross said...

Gracias, hermosísima!!!!!!!
bello tu libro and l just want to read the sistinas!!!!

Anonymous said...