Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I could eat rice cakes all day

I filled up the chalk line and found out that the chalk is blue! I had assumed it would be white. I have no idea how I'm supposed to use it w/o having a big studio where I can make a mess. But at least I've filled it up. I am feeling a little calmer after hacking away at my new statement, mailing mail art, sending an app overseas (will this country EVER go metric?? It would save a lot of in to cm conversions), and eating lots of Korean rice cakes - the mushy, sticky, yummy kind. Not the styrofoam sold in stores.

These are Jacklyn's books. I finished Sherman Alexie's The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian last night and now have three new books, including Papermaking for Printmakers by Elspeth Lamb (my etching class starts tomorrow!). Speaking of books, Ching-In's first manuscript is going to be published! Damn. That is amazing, and so good to know that people who work hard and make good work get chances to get their work out there! I met her last year when she was working on it, and now it's going to be a real live book of poetry! Speaking of poetry, Tam has been working hard on this year's National Cowboy Poetry Gathering, so check out live cybercasts and audio of daytime shows on the Western Folklife Center's website!


Anonymous said...

You can get powdered chalk for the chalk line in different colors. I've seen white, yellow, blue, florescent orange, and powdered charcoal for black (REALLY messy). Years ago, we used to use them for sign & mural painting to lay out huge areas like the sides of buildings, etc.
Now, especially indoors, I use a laser level if I need long straight lines for anything.

aimee said...

i noticed the color options once i *read* the bottle of chalk! and, yes, most of the others are messy so i'm glad i have the least permanent of them.

my confusion is that andrea recommended that i DRAW with a chalk line. i have no idea how to do that w/o a big studio that can get messy. i had put it into my bin for the res i thought i'd go to this month, but i don't think i'll get to do it for a while.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...using my chalk line meant tedious work to me - we didn't use 'em unless it was a really big job, so it was the precursor to working with sticky, toxic enamel for days on end. So it's hard for me to imagine having fun w/ it. I mean, it's just: "snap" straight line, "snap" straight line, "snap"...gets old fast. But, well, whatever: hope you DO have fun with it!

Anonymous said...

Oh, ps: That's a VERY good statement! Congrats!