Thursday, January 17, 2008

Elizabeth does a much better job at me

Yes, I meant "at me." Like how she summed up making my knit book, or how she illustrated my knitted plastic bags, or even her poetic take on my tunnel book. I am lucky to have such wise friends, who can explain what I do better than I can! She also has invited me to participate as a long-distance artist for identidades.04 this year. How psyched am I? Well, a lot, but my excitement was buried in my stress over apps and other career-y things that are way less fun than planning a piece of art made to be interacted with in public places.

I was talking with my sister tonight about how I'm still stumped on my artist statement, and how it's preventing me from doing a lot of other things (like apps and press kits). She said, "do you really not know what you make art about?" and again asked if other people could articulate it better. And I felt like the people I know who I think really "get" my work get it in a way that makes sense to them, in a way that they can feel, but not necessarily in a way that they can articulate with words that can be marketed. Her assignment for me was to write down all my major recent work and what those pieces "were about" so that I could figure it out methodically, since "feeling" my way around is obviously not getting me anywhere.

I went to P.S.1 this weekend to see a Kris Martin show but it had already come down (damn the inaccurate internet & Time Out NY). Luckily, I was able to see the James Turrell piece, b/c most everything else was not my cup of tea. But I had wanted to see the Martin show b/c my sister saw it a while back and said it really reminded her of my work. But again, she could not for the life of her articulate to me how. She said tonight that she would never "get" my work if I didn't explain it all to her. I would rather make my work and stop already w/explaining it. When do I get to do that?


Anonymous said...

"I would rather make my work and stop already explaining it. When do I get to do that?"

When you hit 50. Or when you're ready to do that!

elizabeth ross said...

When you trust in yourself, in your intuition, in your choice. Don Juan advised: " follow a path with a heart". If you feel that's what you are doing, deep inside, then there you are!the rest are drunken monkies in your brain!