Friday, December 14, 2007

Hello, randomness

There I am upstairs, minding my own business, binding some more books, when I see...Marcie! I was at work, and my boss was showing her boss some rental units. I caught a glimpse of her before she went into a studio and then when she came out, I waved from the window. I think she didn't believe it at first but then she did and I went outside to say hi. We met in VT when living in the same house at that residency, and she also went to the WY res, but about half a year before I went.

Being an artist's assistant, it's funny business sometimes. I mean, between all the hard work. It was funny having our little chat together and the bigwig artists having their little chat together. That was a nice way to break up a Friday.


Anonymous said...

wow her paintings are beautiful. they are like a woman's version of how our friend Stian paints in SF. i like them a lot. her older ones more than her newer ones. i like the less geometric style of the older ones. we are trying to leave town on monday for break but we are both sick. urg. hope you are well...

Anonymous said...

Yea Marcie!