Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I'm finally feeling a little less crazed and a little more on top of my business because today, I DELIVERED MY FULBRIGHT APPLICATION!!! Yay! It's over! The work is over. And the waiting begins. They will email us in early Feb re: the first cut. So I have to just put it out of my mind and jump onto everything else rushing my way. I can't believe it's over. I've never, in my entire life, spent so much time on an application. I'm glad the process is over.

Now, I have to get back to the business of my life and career. I spent yesterday unpacking, packing for my next residency next year, and prepping for my workshop in two weeks. I finally caved and went shopping for storage bins. I've avoided it for a long time, but the age of shoeboxes, paper bags, and random things shoved into random crannies is over.

I'm also very happy about this 30 business. Lots of letting go, making changes, resetting priorities. It's much easier when there's a big number to remind me.

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Anonymous said...

hi, good i'm glad that is over! you should be proud of yourself that you did it.. and if you don't get it (although my fingers are crossed that you do)... dont' take it personally. and be thankful for what you have learned just by doing the applicaiton! it's a great accomplishment to do just that!

david's parent's house almost burnt down. they are living in the target parking lot right now. they were able to drive out in thier valley for only 5 min and saw that the majority of everyone eles' house is gone! she said all of the tress are gone and it looks liek the moon... gray ash everywhere. their front door got kicked in and the side of the garage is torched but nothing compared to next door... totally gone! like gone to the ground gone! that was brian's old house. david called him on his honeymoon to tell him the bad news. he didnt' want to but i forced him. it seemed like major important informaiton. after he was glad he did. i like how daivd said it to him " your old house (like the one he was born in and lived in until going to college) has been born again to teh ashes". how ironic after just being at his wedding and meeting all of the people that built and grew up in that house. it was beautiful wood red. david said it was teh best house in the world. in the mean time david's parents feel really lucky (alhtough their house could have used a little forceful redecorating). they at least have a trialer to live in at the target parking lot. that is good. wow what a few days. i wish i could see you to get a hug. i love you. ellie