Friday, October 12, 2007

Support LAVA's Handstand-a-Thon!

I am a big fan of LAVA and performed for them in June. I can't make the event but am donating. I encourage participation of any kind.

LAVA's 4th Annual Handstand-a-Thon
Saturday, October 20 @ 7pm

A fundraiser for the LAVA Studio's Student Scholarship Fund and Community Programs

Help us raise money by raising your toes in the air. Get pledges for each minute that we as a community (that means you, too!) spend with our feet off the floor. Our goal this year is $7,500!

Email to get a pledge sheet. If you can't make it to the event or would prefer to make a gift before the event, you can do so by mailing in a check (payable to VOLCANO LOVE INC) or by giving online using the "Just Give" button on our contact page.

[n.b. - please excuse my poor typography on this; I'm too tired to do anything but cut and paste.]

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Thanks, Aimee!