Monday, October 08, 2007

Studio boycott

I only went into the studio today once, in the morning, to grab my laptop and bring it back to the house. I've been at the kitchen table all day working on my Fulbright essays. I had a great phone session w/my sister. Now that she's a good film editor, she's become a kick-ass editor, period. It was really good to talk out my ideas and goals, and be honest about what I really want. I was feeling gross b/c I had eating very badly last night (chocolate chip pancakes for dinner and the like. I won't list the rest b/c it is embarrassing), so Chris saved my health by taking me on a REALLY LONG walk. We went so far that we hit trees!! The cows and deer were really busy, and a horse went galloping into the field. Lively but nice and quiet. The magpies are gorgeous.

It's super nice, taking a day off from the studio. I stayed up late last night finishing up sample books of handmade paper. I have two hard cover, two accordion, and four "paint chip" ones to give away to the staff when they come by for open studios on Tuesday. I got to a good place, where I thought, I've done enough to feel fine about walking away and doing serious Fulbright work. It's a nice feeling not to torture myself about not doing enough work.

p.s. - I'm not taking the job. It's not worth the money, time, and energy. My family and friends to whom I've detailed the entire situation fully support me, so Connecticut, here I come! In 2008, I mean.

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polarchip said...

You look so snuggly in the pic!

I am SO EXCITED for your visit. Out new place is super cute and I think you will love it too!