Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pics come tomorrow

Rise in San Jose, have supermodel Ellen hustle me to the Caltrain headed north, arrive in San Francisco, cab to Sunset, finish reading Jami's great new novel, head south to San Mateo w/Elbert at the wheel, visit Githa in stormy weather, ride back to SF and see a car on fire on the highway, do further Fulbright edits on the phone w/Cindy, hem and haw about dinner options, get the best voicemail from Gili, tapas for dinner after nearly crushing Elbert's gf's hand (where did I learn my handshake?), Mitchell's for Mexican chocolate ice cream, back home as Elbert unveils a strawberry shortcake and three candles, up all night talking on the phone (Terttu) and in person (Elbert).

Lots of snacking and fielding phone calls and emails and feeling cold and overwhelmed but still loved. I probably kept myself too busy to freak out about my age. Gili made the wise observation that my "vacation" in Cali is just like any overscheduled day in NYC. Elbert says I do this every time I come here. I need to find an Overschedulers/overcommitters Anonymous.

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polarchip said...

So true, Ms. Overschedulers Annon. Just reading about all you do makes me feel tired. Except for the eating ice cream part, that sounds energizing.

Stay warm!!! Welcome to the dirty thirties!