Sunday, July 08, 2007

Hasta luego!

[More scenery from July 4th.] I figured I should write this before it's late and I'm too tired to be coherent. I've managed to read a lot today, and have packed my art supplies. If I had no other bodily needs, my suitcase would be easy as pie to pack and transport. But as of now, there are no clothes in there. That happens after laundry. It felt good to pack again: I was back in the pre-res zone, thinking, "what do I need? How much glue? How much hemp? How much plastic sheeting? How much do I love doing this?" I can already feel things bursting at the seams to get out, art-wise.

BIG shout-out to my dad, who has stepped up like nobody's business, getting me pesos, rain boots, and countless other things. He went on and on about how I HAVE TO have boots in this kind of weather (rainy season) in rural places. He said that they were a lifeline in Korea in the old days, and recited the saying: "You don't need a wife, but you sure need rain boots." [Yes, a whole crapload is lost in the translation, but you get the idea.] I feel super lucky - I could never do this without my family.

I've left two other posts today to try and fill the two-week gap to come, so just read slowly. Or, I've come up with a really fun exercise for everyone: write your version of what my artist statement would look like! Mwahahaa.

"Hey, that's not a fun exercise. That's like an assignment!" But only if I was to write about myself! See how that works? I think that for the most part, we all hate writing personal statements. I was talking to Terttu about how I wish people who had seen a decent amount of my work could write a statement for me. Not like I won't, or can't, or haven't, but b/c it's always interesting to see how other people see what I make, and then what they can extrapolate from there. N.B.: Melissa, you are not allowed to participate. You have already contributed planet-sized heaps to my artistic development, and you have a lot of work to do in the studio.

Anyhow, just keep the peace while I'm gone so it's safe to reenter when I return. Can't wait to share all the adventures! But first, I have to pack.


Anonymous said...

I hope you have a good time! i'm glad your dad helped you out. that is good!

my artist statement: i LOVE aimee lee! and Nesday!

it would have something to do with the things i love.

i can't wait to hear about your trip. i was reading a book today about FLOW and it was syaing that the places humans are happiest is when we are pushign the edge... i guess taking a risk in some sence and it said we might hate it at the time or it might be really hard but pushing this edge is really where our sourse of contentment with ourselves lives. intersting. and something you are doing quite often. so in the end you will have a happier, richer life than most. :)

love love love from bend oregon, ellie

Gili Warsett said...

Have a wonderful time. Live it up, Aimee! I'll miss you. Please remember to take very good care of yourself and love yourself a lot. We're all rooting for you.

Anonymous said...

I hear (hahaha) and obey, re: your statement.
You're probably on the plane by now, but I'm sending wishes for a fantastic, productive, yet relaxing time.(OK, I've read that such a phenomenon exists, but have never personally experienced it).
via con whatever dios,

polarchip said...

I'll miss you while you are away!!!!!

Have FUN!!

Unknown said...

when are you coming baaaaaack. i mean, hope you are having a great time!!!