Sunday, July 15, 2007

Halfway there

Hello from Maravatio! That would be the closest town to the ranch, which I have not left since I arrived. It has been lovely so far. Part of the wall in the kitchen caved in last night and just collapsed all over the fridge after we did massage swaps, I Ching readings, and other nighttime lazings around by two or three candelabras. I share a room with Hope, from NY, and Laura, from Mexico, and it gets cold and damp at night. We are having crazy water issues but I have been using our rainwater collection that we rigged a couple nights ago. My laundry is on the line, and I have done two batches of paper. One from maize ( lye) and one from lilies down by the river back behind the house.

I am at an internet cafe thingy. I think it is like 10 pesos for an hour. We are going to meet a historian soon of Maravatio for a tour. We JUST found out that the residency got some more funding, from a disposable diaper company in Mexico, interested in the ecology part!! SO GREAT. Anyhow...the other artists are great and really good to live with and share space with. Everyone is considerate of each other in terms of space and noise and blahblah. Oh, and the food is homemade and fantastic. I have not gotten very sick yet. I have only taken two showers so far and one was cold (which made the 2nd, a hot one, SO much better). There are water shortages and that has been the center of a lot of our lives from the start, learning about the local water supply being choked by plants and so on and so forth.

The other artists keep bringing me plants to try and make paper out of but they obviously don't know that I'm really into LOCAL supplies. Like, right on the hacienda grounds, not an hour walk away. hahhaa! We live with turkeys, geese, horses, and cows. I am not sleeping well at night. I just got my period today, which explains my prior moodiness (which you were all so lucky to miss!). Another dancer and I will do a massage exchange because we want really good ones. So many dancers here! Oh, and one of us, a photographer from Germany, needs a place to stay in NYC July 25 to 31. Any takers? He's great, very self-sufficient (he is half German and half Japanese and speaks a billion other languages on top of those two), and owns land in Brazil. He probably wouldn't be home a lot wherever he stays.

This is very scattered because I should check my email now, I guess (gross). And because the keyboards are different here. Which is why I'm not using a lot of contractions. I can't think of anything else that rains almost every day, so thank god for dad and the boots!


Unknown said...

omg!!! i am psychic, i commented about missing you mere hours before a surprise post:) can't wait till you return to regular email, i have great/terrible medical stories!

i'm so glad its going well, it sounds fantastic:)

Paulettasaurus said...

Wow. This sounds fantastic. You're doing great with the water shortages--I'm sure the food helps. I am seething with jealousy because I love Mexico.

That's pretty ironic that a *disposable diaper* company donated money because of an interest in ecology.