Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A full, double-state Monday

Since this is not a car ad, I crudely doctored this image of Kiwon driving us to Chautauqua. We left New Haven around noon and made it here in a little over seven hours. It's gorgeous. Like Michoacan, it's madly verdant. I got to see horses and cows and crops and farmland and farm buildings and hay rolls and all the cities and towns and Indian nations that I had researched back in my NYFA days. The bed & breakfast is cute, and Kiwon's student's family is amazing. They also have a gorgeous snow white dog.

We had a huge dinner and there was a wine glass, martini glass, and water glass at my setting. I haven't had a drink in a loooong time. So I'll be up for a while since alcohol has the opposite effect on me than on all other people. In the meantime, here is my plug for other friends and artists:

Chela Fielding
, dear Chela from my Nebraska days, is having open studios Aug 11-12 in West Berkeley. Sat-Sun, 10-6pm. Lots of new work and old work priced to sell. She is a wonderful artist, and I covet most of the things that come out of her studio. Click on her name for her website, then click on "events" for all the info/directions.

Megan, who did an incredible trapeze duet with Diana for LAVA's Tides back in June, just let me know about her own goings on. She is into a lot of similar things - books and trapeze. Only she is a billion times more skilled on the latter than I am.

Also, I am relieved to say that my sister, a master editor, just this weekend did a new cut of my Nebraska performance. And praise Hashem for her talent and time, b/c now it makes sense, and doesn't make me sound like the worst violinist ever recorded. It's insane how important editing is. Of course, the actual piece, and the videographer, are both vital. But I really think that the poor cut I've had for over half a year now has hurt me and lost me lots of residencies and other apps. Thank goodness I can finally remedy the problem.


polarchip said...

I dreamed I went to see you perform in a quartet at a library, and your sister was there, and I sat next to her in the audience and congratulated her on her film! I also dreamed I had a bag with a built in flashlight and mini electronic organizer. It turned out your performance was actually a rehearsal, and there was a huge choir and a symphony hiding on the other side of the library too, for one of the movements, and all the guests were expected to sing too. The conductor handed me hand-written sheet music, but I told her that I can't read music.....

what does it all mean?

aimee said...

1. it means that all my friends are having rich dreams that they are sharing.

2. it means that you relate a lot of those things to me: having a sister who cut a film, me and music, how much i adore libraries, audience participation, that i worked for a symphony and managed a choir, not knowing or believing that you can be part of it all.

3. that you are a supporter of the arts.

4. that i miss you and vv.

5. remember that everyone in your dream is you. so you were seeing all the different facets of yourself: creativity, performance, movie life, gadgets, huge secrets, and fear of ability/inability.

but i'm no dream analyst, so take it all w/a grain of salt.

Anonymous said...

Alcohol affects me with wakefulness as well; animates me....generally to the extreme boredom of anyone who has the misfortune to drink with me, because two drinks truly mess with my ability to lipread, so I cheerfully dominate all conversation. (As the August Ragdale residents are about to discover).