Friday, July 20, 2007

Extra update amidst thunder

I know. I'm online again. Only b-c I'm trying to find Markus a place to stay in NYC July 25-31. I wish I had more time and my senses about me so that I could sell him well. People seem to think I am crazy trying so hard to find an artist housing but I just feel like I have been treated so well in the past by other artists, people who didn't even have a lot to offer, so I feel like if I can help other artists in the same way, then it's my responsibility. Marcus is a really interesting artist and person, probably the most self-sufficient person I have ever met. He bought a piece of land in the Brazilian Amazon that is virgin rainforest, and he is doing it to preserve the land so none of it is deforested or abused. He plans to start a residency there and have it be an art and ecology kind of place. He lives in Berlin and was born in Japan; a striking multilingual hapa who restores old homes in Germany. Just driving to town now was an adventure because he has never driven an automatic car. Hilarious.

Anyhow...we are almost near the end. Yesterday, we did a huge trip to an island and another town, Patzcuaro, and shopping and browsing and eating and riding at least 10 different vehicles that included, buses, cars, and boats. The ice cream and empanadas were excellent. I bought nothing and feel like the worst friend/family member because I am so incapable of that. I am a very poor solo shopper. But hey, no one expects things when I go to other residencies, right?

The language thing here is intense for me. I feel soooo badly for not speaking Spanish. Yesterday I felt like I wanted to learn Spanish and then come back to make up for being such a dud this round. But my roommate Laura, who is from Mexico, is really sweet and we have figured out a way to communicate despite my nearly nonexistent Spanish and her limited English. I like her a lot - she is a dancer and is reading to local women here. I found out yesterday that she is a cancer survivor. I love her spirit and sense of humor.

I made my last batch of paper today. Hopefully it all works out for the sample book I want to make. I feel like I have been incredibly unproductive here (nothing new) but I've done a lot of journaling and figuring things out. I am really looking forward to proper showers and soft water. My hair is constantly battling me. I am looking forward even more to a bed that is not completely moldy and mildewy. Ditto for blankets and walls and indoor spaces. It's really funny seeing everyone else attached to their computer. I am really glad I don't have mine. I don't miss it at all. I don't miss a lot of things and people I thought I would miss.

Again, sorry for the incoherent ramble. I'll be back in no time in my usual turbo mode. But for now, I get up at 6:30, stretch upstairs, write on the balcony as the sun rises, have fresh fruit for breakfast and hot tea, and make a batch of paper on an old volcanic grindstone. It rains nearly every day and the chickens and cows are really loud. The dogs are constantly begging for food. The puppies are getting bigger. And so on.


Anonymous said...

Whoah, three entries! I hadn't thought to check over here to see if you had succumbed to the blog compulsion until your surprise comment arrived on mine. It sounds interesting...and damp. I have a friend who lived in Patzcuaro for six or seven years and loved everything but the weather. "Thinking and working things out" is doing work too...
here's to non-moldy bedding,

Paulettasaurus said...

You sound like you're doing great. Don't even worry about the bed. In a few weeks, you won't remember the hardships. Getting out and about in Mexico, eating empanadas, and making art are the things that will stay with you. Laura sounds like a good connection--glad you're making friends.

Gili Warsett said...

all i ask is that you come home in one piece.

Anonymous said...

Have you found a place for Markus yet? If he still needs a place I can check with my housemates but I think he could stay in our living room. I am in the middle of moving but he is welcome to stay here if he doesn't mind the craziness... let me know