Monday, January 22, 2007

Winding down the week

This is the kiln getting loaded up w/Chrissy's figure and chopped off head (since it can't all fit in there in one piece). It was nice to hang out while she was loading up b/c it was toasty. I talked to my parents today and they freaked out about me being so cold in the studio and said I should go get my money back. Hahahaa. I'm feeling a little better after ranting about how it's been, and I think I paced myself pretty well today. I've discovered that I just cannot count on having a good night's sleep here, ever (unless I take drugs, and even then, it's not guaranteed). So, I have to work around that by doing what everyone else is doing here: napping. I usually don't like to walk outside much b/c of the cold, but I think I'll try to brave a walk home every afternoon for a catnap on the couch.

This is Chrissy and her hands, which also got loaded into the kiln. I got up early b/c my bed is so uncomfortable, and laid on the couch to fast forward through season one of Art:21, and then went to brunch w/Kat (my really pretty and no-BS housemate). Of course, I ended up eating too much and feeling very uncomfortable in the studio for an hour. I made a few little books, and then gave in when I got the sleepy feeling. Instead of the usual fighting myself and working thru it but not getting good work done. I went home and laid out on the sofa for a delicious nap. Then I read a bunch more of Laura's silly book about a labrador retriever and went to dinner w/her (another housemate, who is so sweet and pretty and says things like, "pants!" and "dag!" which are so novel and hilarious to me).

I let myself have key lime pie after dinner at the opening in the gallery, and then felt like I overate again. I've been in the studio ever since (skipping the presentation by the artist I'm having a crit w/tomorrow b/c I was in a good work zone), and finished this book, which was supposed to be a blank journal. First, I thought I'd do a 70-page comic. Then, I decided to do it in paper cuts. BAD IDEA. I went through three xacto blades and got really tired. I'm going to title it and treat the cover tomorrow since I'm tired now and don't want to screw it up. But I'm feeling all hungry again...anyhow, here is what I'm learning about being here:

1. I feel crazy b/c I don't really feel I can be myself.
2. I feel crazy b/c I'm not doing yoga/meditation regularly.
3. I feel crazy b/c there's no time/place where I can get true alone down time.
4. I feel crazy b/c my bed is incredibly uncomfortable and I can't sleep well.
4. These things all make it hard for me to make art.


polarchip said...

OMG, I'm surprised you haven't committed homicide by now. Maybe you should lock up the xacto knives until you've had a good night's rest.

Seriously, I think I would have created a blood bath by now. The cold or the sleep deprivation alone is enough to send anyone over the edge!

Maybe you could make a comic where you use the blood of everyone that pisses you off as the ink.

MichaelLovely said...

I love that book.