Friday, January 12, 2007

Water's not frozen yet

I'm weaving more paper. I think, "I should experiment more w/irregularity in weaving, but I just really like weaving the way I learned when I was in 1st grade." I love using up my paper scraps that are all offcuts from when I make books. I've become ultra-conscious about reusing scraps and things I used to just throw away. Just more conscious in general about the amount of waste I generate. With these pieces, I also am using the waxed paper, which I can't recycle in the beater b/c of the wax content. People keep talking about it being like leather. Which makes me think about all the skins I used in the bindery; I remember Shawn asking about where the skin I was cutting came from, and Gavin said, a small goat in northern Africa. I think that's what he said.

I was never a big fan of using animal skins, but mostly b/c I didn't get enough contact with or access to them. They're really amazing to work with, b/c in a way, they are much more forgiving than paper. I was thinking about binding a book using traditional methods I learned last month, but I'm torn about what paper to use for the pages. I'm also completely spoiled now tool-wise; after using so many precision tools, now I feel like everything I have is like a big stick. Nothing is delicate enough to get into the tiny spaces.

I slept in today b/c I couldn't sleep from cold, and then did yoga in the living room. That was nice. I also took a shower and skipped breakfast (which is fine except I didn't have yogurt, which is where I get my calcium. Does anyone know if cottage cheese has any calcium?), and took my time getting to the studio. It was kind of cold, so violin practicing was slow, but I actually like how I sound when my fingers are cold and less mobile.

I also got to run errands today: public library, post office, health food store, and Grand Union. I loved the first three. I tried to resist the health food store, but I really wanted some dried fruit, and lo! There was a sign on the front door saying they had the best dried mangoes in town. So I got a bag and ate the whole thing in my studio before dinner. Where I also overate. Then I did a little slide talk. I was at the end, but it was good b/c then I could end w/the brick wall, which is always a huge hit. Now I'm exhausted, still digesting, and still working on a few more applications.


Gili Warsett said...

not sure why you aren't googling cottage cheese and calcium. this seems like a simple solution. and yet, i've been asked twice by you and have not bothered to do the research.

"I'm torn about what paper to use for the pages." wow. hours of paper puns could happen. life is SO worth living.

love the red barn. why are red barns so perfect?

polarchip said...

I think the calcium content depends on if you're eating low fat, non fat, or full fat cc. (More fat=more calcium)

aimee said...

HAHAAA. you don't know me quite well enough. i don't like googling things. i like asking other people, having them google it or reach into their vast stores of knowledge, and then having them tell me. it's called research, aimee style. i just LOVE getting information from people i know.

a writer just made a million more paper jokes to me in the last half hour.

it's not a barn. it's an old firehouse. the hoses are still in the back in a closet.

Gili Warsett said...

old firehouses are even better. at first i thought you wrote that the horses are stored in back. that, of course, would be disgusting.

Anonymous said...

i think you might be in the same town where steve paxton lives??? you should find out if there is a group of old famous contact improv peopel living there...

Gili Warsett said...

i can never look at your blog now because you're all big brother about it.