Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Visual aids

The votes have been tallied: New Year's Eve was a million times better than New Year's Day. I am trying hard to not take that as an indicator of how this year will be. Gili took this photo of me after I did a big glamour shot session w/her after our brunch yesterday (it feels like a million years ago, already). She liked the neon sign. Don't worry; I picked the store so she wasn't being all inappropriate. We had just been talking about red doors being good luck and this store had a red door on it.

This was the skywriting that we saw that said, "Who" on a very lovely day. We did a little video shoot, too, and then got a bookcase for Gili off the street before stopping at her place for her bags, feeding Corny, and getting gifts (shooties and a goodbye mix). I'm now all depressed listening to the mix and recovering from a three-hour nap. I have to get up at 6am tomorrow for a sauna/mall date w/mom since I still have no boots for Vermont. After seeing Gili, I was really frustrated by my editor not having my stuff done.

FF through seeing Cindy and Ivan, arriving at Kiwon's place, and getting to Harlem as the first party guests. It's 10:30pm and I don't think I'll make it until midnight. I keep eating. Kiwon promised we'd leave early, but we closed down the party and then there were no cabs. After finally deciding to stay the night at 4am, I crawled into the guest room, displacing the guest (he slept on chairs, Kiwon on the sofa), and slept until 11am. We took the subway and bus back to her place, I got my stuff, took the subway to the train, and got home around 3pm.

The dates wrapped in bacon in the oven set off the smoke detector all night. I was very good about not having too many sweets. Just a cookie or two, and no cake, now that I'm thoroughly paranoid that all my teeth now need root canal treatment. I met nice people last night despite my feeling like an old, decrepit person. I'm totally stressed about what I need to get done before Vermont, but hopefully will be fine once I catch up on sleep.


Gili said...

bacon-wrapped dates sound amazing!!! where are the shooties? must have visual aid of shooties. i listened to that mix on the train ride to boston and i was depressed too. why am i inflicting depression music on us???

aimee said...

omg. i can't believe i forgot the SHOOTIES shot!! see, i DO have a tropical disease!! it's eating my brain.