Saturday, January 13, 2007

Two down, four to go

I'm getting there. I skipped the artist talk tonight and had a little breakthrough on my proposals for more residencies. So I can go ahead and print/mail two more tomorrow. After that, I have three more residencies to apply for, and then one grant. I'm so tired. I'll be glad when I can just work on my artwork. I've been rewarding myself in small increments and taking breaks to make art. This is a little something I did w/the remnants of an old costume. I have so many ideas but don't quite have the tools I'd like, or the time or space or materials...tricky, this constant negotiating w/myself.

I can't decide if I should cover the back of this piece or not. I was going to, but am going to sleep on it before I glue down w/the minty glue I have that I hope won't go dry too soon. It should last a month w/o getting too unwieldy. I just signed up for a crit w/the visiting painter for Monday, so that should motivate me to work all weekend in the studio. I drew a little from the model this a.m., but he wasn't very good and kept moving around. AND he was reading a Stephen King book the whole time. Since when did models read when working??? Unless specifically instructed? I was bored and left to practice violin, and broke two horse hairs on my bow for the first time in YEARS. I think that's a good sign.

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Anonymous said...

i think you should keep it just the way it is! i love it. it seems like something you would see in LA in a botique. I really like the color and the textures. nice!