Sunday, January 07, 2007

Time is squeezing tight

Guess who is barely keeping up with the hamster wheel?? I realized today (after what was probably a long period of denial) that applying for residencies and grants is my JOB, not just something fun to do. If I don't land anything else, then I have to go back to the "real world" where I try and work for someone else doing something that keeps me away from making work. In a roundabout way, I finally figured out that getting the best people to document, edit, and present my work is then just part of my job. I would never hire dreadfully incompetent vendors if I was working for someone else, so why would I do that for my own work?

Good question. I'm slow when it comes to supporting myself and demanding only the best. I'm also very bad with any transactions that involve money b/c I don't want anyone to feel bad. So I usually end up being the one feeling bad, at my own expense. Let's hope I stop this entrenched pattern really soon. I spent two hours last night trying to ignore what I really had to do by sewing a linen case for all of my tools. It was great fun and I love how it turned out, even though half of my tools are in Chicago, so I'm not even sure if it will work. It's also really long; almost six feet.

I gave up on finishing my last library book and movies, but spent a bunch of time there making copies of a gazillion applications. I have to print my CV about 22 times, write a dozen proposals, label my slides, and do inventory for them and my DVDs. But at least I finished filling out the forms, making a box for one of my books, packing all my art supplies, and doing lots of website updates. I need to pack my clothes now, and then write and print everything I can possibly do now. Tomorrow, I fly a tiny jet (only 9 rows of seats) to Burlington, get picked up by Greenwind for a 1.5 hour ride to Johnson, and then do a tour, orientation, and dinner. Yeesh. Let's hope I get there w/all my luggage.

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