Thursday, January 18, 2007

Things I miss

I've been feeling a little crazy lately w/my floating life. I miss security (even though I know that it usually came w/bitterness and discontent) and really comfortable big beds. I made this paper cut today while also wrapping lots of pieces of wood. I'm finally done w/the ones I found a few days ago and will hopefully spin some shifu tomorrow and work in my sketchbook. It's hard working in this kind of cold. The thermostat in the studio is set to 70 degrees, but it definitely does not feel close to that. I moved my work table away from the window to avoid the draft. Last night's Theraflu helped, though, and I got some decent sleep and woke up feeling much better, like the sickness is moving quickly (I'm already hacking up green phlegm! Wohooo!). But I crashed after breakfast and haven't felt so good since then. But I put in some studio time in the morning and late afternoon, so I'll be okay w/another night away from the studio. Time for dinner. I think I'm going to skip lectures tonight; I don't have the stamina or health for 13 of them.

I feel like something big is missing from me right now. Some strange emptiness, or that I'm not tapping into something b/c it's hiding or I'm not on target.


Gili Warsett said...

I'm sorry to hear that something is missing. I know I'm not one to talk, but have patience. I think good things are coming your way.

polarchip said...

Hey!! Got your postcard! Sorry to hear about the dry skin- have you tried olive oil? Just a dab, warm it up between your hands, and spread it on while you're standing near a heater. It's great! I use it on me, my hair, and Minhee!

I thought you would like the natural-ness and simplicity of it.

Paulettasaurus said...

Confused Pauly: I was reading your post and thought: huh? Aimee has a studio in New York?

Just goes to prove that you move *way* too much. Not even I can keep up.

Have you heard from my friend Mihee yet? I just found out today that she's living in Montreal, not Seoul! You guys are neighbors!

-- said...

feel better, sugar! being sicky sucks. be sure to pop the pills~! :):) and duh, take it easy if you need to!

polarchip said...

Duh, I forgot to say, THANK YOU for the postcard!! A real artifact from art-land!