Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Suited up for January in Vermont

Though I doubt it will be anything like what normal January in Vermont used to be, thanks to global warming. Mom and I went to the sauna, mall, and lunch in Jersey. I was super cranky b/c I had to get up at 6am, but it all dissolved in the hot tub. We got boots and didn't plan on anything else, but then found an irresistable coat. Gili got a blue coat today, too. I sat on the computer the whole rest of the day and night and am in the throes of both video editing mania and website tweaking mania. I'm panicked about it all b/c I wanted both of these things to be done way before now so that I'd have time to apply to a squillion more residencies, but alas. I think I'm only now understanding that the things I envision for myself and want, don't always come as quickly as the vision. I've been wanting this website for the past two years. I'm on my second designer and am amazed at how much time/energy it takes. As for editing, I'm learning that I need to be a much better communicator and more of a hardass (I shouldn't be scared to ask for what I want). But look at these notes that I just took tonight as I had two phones to my ears:

my stuff: 4x3
16x9 anamorphic?

fine in sequence playback
working in anamorphic sequence?

no reason why exporting as different aspect ratio

export settings or sequence settings
4x3 sequence setting
check export settings

That's pretty exciting, isn't it? Someone told me recently that I need to learn editing lingo better so that I can communicate w/my editors. It was a man. I forget who it was...oh! It was Francis, who hosted the new year's party. Anyhow, I think I'll be on the computer for a little while longer. Tomorrow I go back to the bindery to start another album. Wish me luck: my goal is to get pages made, sewn, rounded and backed, spine glued up and hollow made, boards cut, spine piece made, leather pared, case made, and spine glued into the case.

Oh, hey! That was #10 of HOW TO FEEL MISERABLE AS AN ARTIST: SET UNACHIEVABLE/ OVERWHELMING GOALS. TO BE ACCOMPLISHED BY TOMORROW. Well, gosh darn happy new year for me. I'm a slow learner.

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Gili Warsett said...

Everything is going to work out. Don't think. Just enjoy your final days in New York. Seriously. You've done a lot and there's a lot to look forward to right now.