Sunday, January 14, 2007

Studio day

I mailed out those apps this morning and then did a little yoga and showered. After lunch, Kat (one of my housemates upstairs, a painter) drove us down the main drag to Forget-me-not, where we got some clothes to stay warm. I know, no buying clothes unless it's thrifting, but this was close enough (it was some kind of resale shop and things were totally affordable AND there's no sales tax! What a TREAT). I got striped leg warmers and two long-sleeved tops. I had a hard time getting decent work done in the afternoon, but managed to cut down and sew a new book onto g-string straps (b/c I have no bookbinding tapes). I then was gifted w/a hot dog that Jim made for me, which is so grotesque, but I hung it in my window (he said it was disingenuous to advertise that my window is a hot dog stand and not have hot dogs [I put a sign in my window that says "HOT DOG stand."]). It's already starting to shrivel up and it hasn't even been a day!

I'm torn now about knitting this shifu costume from the summer. I love how it hangs so I'm loathe to knit it. So funny, b/c I assumed I'd be knitting a whole lot here. Maybe that's what I'll do w/all my kozo thank you cards: cut them into strips and spin some more shifu. Tonight, I let myself have the first dessert since I've arrived: a cookie. Then I hit the studio again to finish that book. It was going to be SO GORGEOUS, and I used all the techniques I learned from Gavin, but I screwed it up: the case joints are too small and the whole book now sucks. And the top headcap is ugly. So sad. It's drying now so I'll post pics tomorrow. We get to sleep in b/c brunch is at 10am! Thank goodness. I need some more shuteye.


Paulettasaurus said...

Fabulous. My first thought when I opened your blog was: tofu pup.

Gili Warsett said...

I hope after you got some rest that you're feeling better. I'm sorry about your book. What color are the leg warmers?

aimee said...

red, black, maroon, grey.