Friday, January 05, 2007

So long, farewell

This Paper Dragon's "Little Black box of Afflictions" - another beautiful piece from Gavin's studio. I can't believe today was my last day! I was frustrated sewing headbands today, but finally finished the album and got pretty far on the next one before calling it quits. That's pretty good, for working a couple days a week for a month: two pillar books w/custom slip cases, the trays+ for a clamshell box, and almost two albums. Plus extra client work here and there.

Breda and Eliza came to pick me up for lunch today, which was so nice, even though I was unreasonably stressed the whole time (1. the clock at the sandwich place was an hour ahead, so I was panicked the whole time that I was taking a 10-hour lunch; 2. I had only finished one headband and felt like I should have finished both by lunch). They look amazing, as always. It was funny to sit there and realize that they are both in school, but I'm not anymore. Kind of crazy after three years of intense student life, to have it be over forever. Oh, which reminds me: I keep forgetting to link to the post-Nebraska, pre-Vermont work I've been doing.

Cindy came by after work, and then Shawn, and then Ivan. They hung out while I finished up last-minute things and goodbyes with Amber and Gavin. It's nice to know I'm always welcome back to work for them, work on my own things, or apprentice more w/Gavin. I felt like I had a loud posse and thanked Gavin for letting me use his bindery as my own personal clubhouse. Cindy then prompted him to say that I was unquestionably the best intern he's had yet, and then I almost forgot to take all my music with me. Carrying 200+ CDs is hard on the back.

We walked all the way to Angelica Kitchen and had a GREAT dinner. I like being everyone's menu guide. I love that I'm fine going there as many times as I feel like it; no pressure to find some new amazing place. What's the point when I already have an amazing place? Just like having a great dentist. I'm in total denial about leaving in a few days. I haven't packed anything and refuse to say goodbye to people. All I want is for it to be cold and snowy in Vermont. Not RAINY. Maybe that's too much to ask w/global warming, but I don't think it's too much.

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