Thursday, January 11, 2007


I can't believe I believed Gili for even a moment when she said, "Aimee, I don't think it's going to snow in Vermont." I think I'm definitely underdressed in general and will take to wearing the entire content of my suitcase in layers, every day, over and over.

Fun trivia so far:

--Tonight's low: 8 degrees.
--I started working in the office yesterday and now my inner thighs are sore from filing. I am embarrassed by how incredibly out of shape I am. Filing = exercise??
--I have not touched dessert so far, and only slipped once today and had a few fancy chocolates that Greenwind brought back from her trip to Switzerland.
--I have gone through three "keychains" thus far: a black ribbon, a white shoelace, and now a 5-strand silk friendship chain I just made today. Gili is right: I'm very DIY.
--There are four other people in the Firehouse studios w/me. One is Angela and one is Angelo.
--The development director's 11 yo son is a violin prodigy and he wants me to play w/his son while I'm here. Yet another motivation to practice more regularly.
--I've had to sew the top button on my coat back on twice already.
--I'm having horrible nightmares. Maybe it's all the fresh bread and cheese. Or all the applications I'm doing that keep me from any substantial studio work.


Gili Warsett said...

I miss you!!!

I can't believe the snow. Weird. Still no snow in Massachusetts.

Things are good but I'm winding down and want to go home. Still only half way through the residency. I wish you had a phone.

Anonymous said...


try sleeping on your side. it helps me not have bad dreams. i think i has to do with breathing.

i wish i could visit you. i'm glad you are there.

polarchip said...

Looks so peaceful and pure! I almost forgot that it really is WINTER somewhere in the world.