Friday, January 26, 2007

Scattered thoughts, quick day

I'm concerned about lighting for my performance. Though, after talking w/people over a very rich dinner tonight, I think what I'll do is just make whatever performance I want, and then fudge the documentation of it - like, shoot the video during the day. Even though it's a nighttime performance. I talked to Kendal today about borrowing his videocamera, and he said, cameras are dumb and they need light to see, so you have to have light or it will just be a dark and blurry picture. But I hate the idea of lighting the installation brighter just for the camera. You know?

I knitted this little piece last night along w/sewing and making its envelope. It IS a letter from Donna, on kozo, that I cut and spun and knitted. It's like a little caterpillar or amoeba now. I like it. I lately love using soft lead pencils on my handmade paper. I was really frustrated today w/how I am not even halfway through this huge sketchbook I made for this month, so I drew a long comic about how "this place blows." Then I went to lunch. Ching-In and I went up the hill for some free reiki (the woman used crystals for grounding and my heart chakra), which was very nice. And then we walked up the rest of the hill to see Peter Schumann of Bread & Puppet Theater talk about his recent trip to work with Palestinian youth on a play about what is going on for them right now. Horribly depressing.

Ching-In had to leave a little early to make her birthday massage appt, so we left and walked down the hill. I went home for a nap on the sofa and finished The Real Me by Betty Miles (I can't decide whether or not to send it first to Ellen or to Gili. Please help me decide). I think it's HILARIOUS that the first two YA books I read here were about race and gender issues. Laura came home and opened some wine and we had a good talk about what I've been going thru and then went to dinner. Terry Adkins, who was supposed to come and lecture tonight, apparently wasn't on his flight here, so no lecture. We're having a bday salon for Ching-In instead, though I'd rather work on my installation since I've basically done no artwork today. It smells good in there now, like wood and not paint. I just want to be there.


polarchip said...

You can send it to Gi first as long as she promises to send it to me when she's done. I'm still working on books that my parents and Gi sent, as well as books from the library. Actually, maybe I can get it from the library, we can both read it, and then the three of us can have a book club discussion?

Love the cool knit thing in the envelope. Very shark-egg/mermaid purse.

As for your performance, some cameras have that cool green/black night vision feature. But why wouldn't you want to light it better anyway? Not just for the camera, but for you and your audience?

Gili Warsett said...

I feel like I've read that book. Sounds super familiar. I'm going to look into it. Send it to Ellen. I've got a ton to read for school.

Also, are you celebrating the birthday now? I need date clothes advice!!

aimee said...

i want it to be a dark performance. i love the dark. i love night vision. also, i ALWAYS do either daytime work or sunset or night but indoors w/plenty of light. but i'm a low light/dark freak. and this piece is about retiring, so i want it to be really low and dark. the performance is more about smelling and hearing, not seeing fascinating things.

gi, i'm so sorry i missed you. i was totally at dinner and then at the other studio w/no wifi and then bday salon. sigh.