Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Quick studio views

I've been not working almost all day, so I should get off the computer soon. But here is the view from the big window in my studio. You can't see it, but where the hay-like stuff ends on the ground, there's a big rushing river. I've never been so close to such active water!! We'll see how it affects me. It was slushy this morning, then raining almost all day, and then the sun peeked out in the afternoon. The people here are so insanely nice and the food is just as good as I was warned. I took a little nap today after finally getting a couple of blankets.

I've been repeating the same thing to everyone I meet, about how I want to work on my relationship w/my violin and our relationship w/my audience. I thought it would take the entire month, but I picked up my violin today for the first time since Nebraska, and I have already figured out a big piece of it: I just have to practice more. Duh. In other words, I have to practice enough to be able to translate what is in my head to my fingers. Otherwise, I'm just groping around and then making do w/my mistakes. Which I'm fine at. But I want to be clearer.


Gili Warsett said...

That's incredible that your violin inspiration happened so fast!
I'm wearing the new shooties and hoping you're getting use out of the old ones. Did you end up bringing them?
The Vermont Studio Center looks really different than I imagined it would. It's very big.

Paulettasaurus said...

It looks amazing there! I'm happy for you, and hope that the inspirations keep coming.

Paulettasaurus said...

Oh my goodness--your website is *gorgeous*. It loads much faster than the last one, too!

Paulettasaurus said...

One last thing--I have a Korean-Belgian friend in Seoul who publishes a series of art books with contributions by overseas Korean artists. I can put you in touch with her if you're interested in participating.

Anonymous said...

it looks good! your website looks SOOOO good. wow. very impressed with the change between the other and this. yippy!

aimee said...

i didn't bring the shooties b/c i wasn't able to fit them into my studio bag and then i forgot to put them in once i had more room. just like i forgot a slip and decent pants.

it's huge here...and there are streets and cars and everything. funny, b/c in a way, it's not really like a retreat to me.

pauly: yes! i would love to get in touch w/yr friend!