Monday, January 15, 2007

One week in

This is the book I did last night. I woke up still a little upset about it. But it's not the end of the world. I'll just move on from it. Everyone else who has seen it wasn't as upset as me (obviously), so I'll just put it aside and know how to do it right next time. Not that I think I'll try it again w/o all the tools and equipment. Here is the link to what I've been up to in the studio.

I'm glad I tried, though, and love that Dave asked if the covers were leather. Maybe I should go into business making paper that looks like leather. I like smelling all that paper b/c it smells all sweet and baked. Since it WAS baked. He asked how much time it took to make, and I started to say something like, "well, not including the time it takes to make the paper," and he asked, "why would you not include that?" Good question.

This is the book I made today after brunch to try and recover from last night's disaster. There were a few kinks in this one (which is pretty much inevitable in bookbinding), but it was a lot more satisfying and went faster. I had a good talk at brunch today w/Yoon Soo about getting older and realizing we're not 20 (she has about 13 years on me) and how being an overachiever is not good for the body. I realized that sometimes I'm a recovering overachiever. But mostly I'm still in the throes of it. Maybe I should do a new batch of business cards that say "recovering overachiever" rather than just "overachiever."

I made a little shifu today from a letter (pretty! The ink makes nice patterns when spun) and also from some extra kozo thank you cards I had. I'm trying to measure how much shifu I get from a sheet, and then knit it to see how many rows I can get from the shifu. The things I have to do for budgets (another application). We got lots of snow today and I ate too much at dinner. The mashed potatoes we really good.

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