Saturday, January 06, 2007

Mailing books, receiving books

I'm frantic. Totally crazed. Special thanks to the following people for making it possible for me to weather another day: Gili, Rafff, and Nathalie. I was a terror on the phone after being really upset about the DVDs I got from my editor b/c they weren't working on my computer. I have to hope that they continue to work on DVD players and send them to the residency juries...yeesh. Is there any other industry besides the arts where the documentation/ business/ blahblah of making the work takes about 10x the time and energy that making the work does?? I've always known it, but I still despise it. Just like I despise this country for not having universal health care and education.

Anyhow, I did mail off my book for the upcoming show (see sidebar) in Illinois, and got a catalog in the mail today from a show I was in last October. It was fine except somehow they priced my work wrong and listed it at half the price. Book Arts 2006 is available from Bright Hill Press now. I think I already know what to enter into that competition next year.

Oh, and I can't stop praising my web designer. He is the best, best, best. So all of you who need websites and like working w/smart, articulate, patient, fast, experienced, and professional designers, go to Raphael Brion of Anderhalf. Okay? What he does that few people do is build this gorgeous, functional, easy-to-use database so I can do all my updates in the future. I'm a database geek, so I can't get over how perfect this one is. We just went thru loads of feedback from beta testing, and I was afraid he'd be annoyed by all the changes, but he was totally fine and is handling it all. Amazing.

Besides the awfulness of damage control today, I got in a tiny bit of yoga and meditation after sleeping in, and got a sweet letter from a student I had last summer at Ox-Bow. Donna wrote it on paper she made there, from "kozo in the last vat ... pulped by Aimee Lee in her fine skirt dress by the pond and in a pit of fire" (and then a smiley face). I ALSO got the most amazing email from another student in that class, who said,
Just so you know you helped inspire me to start back on the track of experiencing life rather than trudging through... I filed paperwork to start an independent business teaching and selling art a couple of weeks after I got back from Ox-Bow, quit my full-time job (that I hated for three years) in September, and am signing a lease this week or next on retail property that will be a fun art studio for kids and families during the day, and offer grown-up art parties learning to make journals and paper in the evenings. I am poor but happy at the moment, and I think the "poor" part is only temporary for a few months (all the pets are hoping that, anyway; we wouldn't all be able to fit and live in the car if I stop paying the mortgage).
That MADE my night when I got it. Okay, back to my prep for Vermont.

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Gili Warsett said...

That's an amazing email, Aimee. I'm not at all surprised. How fabulous.

Vermont is going to be great!