Thursday, January 04, 2007

Justin stuck in my head

I think as my last day allowance tomorrow at work, Gavin should let me play Justin Timberlake. I can't believe I'll be done w/the bindery work so soon! Sad. I really loved working there, even though it might have seemed like I was always moody and angry and cranky there. I had a hard day; I was really frustrated w/how my video editing was turning out (or not) and also w/trying to sort out all the feedback on my website. I'm just overwhelmed. Gili had to talk me down near lunchtime, and at night, too. She's SO good at that. "DISENGAGE" and "abort mission!" came right when I needed it.

You know what else came right when I needed it? An email from my Chicago dentist!!! He wanted to know everything about the root canal and told me from now on to always call him before I ever get work done or agree to it. He also gave explicit instructions for me to share w/my dentist here about how to fit the crown. See? I had a perfect dentist all along. Long distance is so hard. I had the perfect editor all along, too, but also in Chicago. Sigh.

I realized tonight that I just have way too much pent-up energy from not doing yoga and not making art. Thank god that will end soon. I'm in Astoria now after too much pizza and desserts, with that hilarious SNL skit that Justin did stuck in my head. I'm going to ignore my inbox now, b/c it's too stressful. I finished Korea Unmasked, which Gili gave me. Some white boy was almost in my lap trying to read it over my shoulder. His dad finally told him to stop after about 10 subway stops. It's way past bedtime.

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