Saturday, January 20, 2007

It's late for a sick person

But I just got really excited practicing violin tonight so I think I pushed myself too hard. What ELSE is new??? Ag. Anyhow, tonight we had open studios, which was fun, and I found a printmaker who is also using lots of houses in his work. I'm going to attack him at the next meal, though he is insanely quiet and shy. As you can see, I've been going to town making lots more houses. My crit this afternoon was eh. I won't go into detail, but I was kind of told to just stop doing what I'm doing (in all ways - art-wise, life-wise, violin-wise) and go look at Laurie Anderson. Okay, that's SUCH an exaggeration, but it was about as helpful as if that was really what happened. I got some fun ideas pop up like crazy, though, when I practiced tonight. Some really ambitious things, but not impossible. Some involve real composing (of music).

This was an old g-string that Joy got me that was too big so I cut it up and turned it inside out and stuffed it w/tea. Fun, fun. Though no one smelled it except Jess and Todd when I made them do it. Oh, and I got an email from my editor in Chicago that kind of made me laugh but also made me worry. Please translate this for me:

I hate you and decided to blow up all your footage. You have no other choice, but to kill your artistic self and find a job as an insurance salesman.

This was after I sent him an email telling him what I wanted done w/my footage. Is he just joking or do you think he really does kind of hate me a little for sending him a slew of tapes and DVDs?

Updates: we got a ton more snow today. I went to a painter's slide lecture tonight and will have a crit w/her Saturday. I am still sicky and not sleeping well. I am considering taking sleeping pills for the next two weeks but am afraid I will develop a habit.

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Anonymous said...

you are funny. bunny.

if you take something with acediminophine in it like cough meds i think it won't make you addicted per say. I think it is good for a few nights just so you can get over this cold thing!

take some photos of the snow.

i like the guy who makes houses and is quiet and shy. i want to hear more about him. maybe you can spy on him? :)
ps i think you are better than laurie anderson. she's a rock star you are a star like in the sky star.