Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I almost forgot the footwear

And I don't care that the last post doesn't line up b/c I didn't have enough text to go next to the photos. I mean, I do care, but am too tired to fix it. Anyhow, yesterday I came into town in my high-heeled Nina Harding boots. It was a difficult decision; I picked them over the practical boots (am kicking myself now since I need practical boots badly) b/c they made my feet look so tiny and slim. I know, SO BAD. I might as well start foot binding. They are "comfortable" but only as comfy as high heels can get (which would be about a block for me). Gili was horrified by the thought of me running all over town in them, so she insisted that I take her old pair of shooties. They were warm and comfy, and even though my ankle hurt a lot by the time I got through two rounds of Manhattan and one of Brooklyn, I bet I would have been crippled if I had done it in the boots.

When I met Cindy and Ivan, they were like, those are INDOOR shoes. I rode the subway, walked thru Park Slope, worked w/my editor, walked thru Filene's, had late lunch at a Korean place, went to Beard Papa and even Shoe Mania, and then the subway and the upper west side in them. People looked at me funny in the subway. The good thing about the party, though, was that it was at a place where people take off their shoes, so I didn't have to suffer thru heels at all. The shooties are so coming w/me to Vermont.


Gili Warsett said...

so completely funny. i know it was a pain, but i am so happy you uploaded these pictures. shooties are indoor footwear, but the thought of you walking in those boots all day was ridiculous. i mean, one block was a chore!

polarchip said...

You look like a smurf from the knees down! Adorable. I think you could start a new trend wearing those out and about.