Sunday, January 28, 2007

Highs and lows

Crap. I just lost this post so I have to reconstruct it. Which means it will be shorter and leave lots of things out b/c I'm tired and am going to head home soon for some popcorn. This is from Thursday's bday salon (l-r): Hugh, Nicole (who just got engaged today! Her bf flew from DC to surprise her), Dave, James, Roko, and Ching-In. I set my alarm for the first time here, did a little meditation, and had a good crit w/Terry Adkins. Then I went to the thrift shop behind the church, which is only open Saturday mornings, and then got more popcorn from the Grand Union. The rest of the day was kind of shot b/c I was too tired but kept trying to do work in the studio. I tried to nap here and at home, but to no avail. I did finish These Happy Golden Years and marveled at how detailed Laura Ingalls Wilder is about dresses. Terry's presentation tonight was pretty ridiculous. I mean, the q&a part. I won't go into it b/c I'm tired, but it's really an eye opener to have all these artists come, show their work, crit us, and go on their way. This is my last crit for the month. I think it was a good closing one, though I think my first one w/David Humphrey was the best. Okay. Time for popcorn.

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