Tuesday, January 02, 2007

For E, from me and Gi

Dearest E,

We love you and miss you and wish you could be happy, happy, happy.

We don't actually want you to take this job, but went back to your old haunts to see how much has changed since you left.

The video got cut off. What you missed: Gili shooting me and the seaweed samples on the wall.

I did two preliminary, warm-up videos (also on YouTube), and then the real thing below. Happy New Year!

Me and Gili (I wrote it, so don't blame her if you don't like the content of the note. But the video was our idea.)


polarchip said...

You guys are amazing. I love all three videos. I miss you! I wish I could be there with you, but I have to be honest, watching the videos makes me feel like I am there for just a moment (or at least 2:57).

I'm so flattered that you guys think of me. I love you, and Happy New Year.

Watching the videos feels like a big hug. Thank you so much!

aimee said...

this a.m. at around 6 i realized that i had used bad grammar in this post twice. i wanted to say that it's not b/c i don't know it, but it's just how it came out. i know it should be "gili and me" but i guess i'm feeling self-centered lately :)

yay! i'm glad you liked the videos. of COURSE we think of you. you're welcome!