Monday, January 08, 2007

A clean, well-lighted place

called the Burlington Airport. It's so nice here!! I'm waiting for the shuttle to take me to the residency. Getting to the airport and thru to the plane was super easy and fast, and all of the service professionals along the way were incredibly nice. The 36-seater was a little tight, but b/c it was a little propeller plane, we flew low the whole time and I could see everything below. Amazing, what we've done w/the landscape. I could almost make out where I live as we flew up the Hudson.

I passed the time watching old video clips on my computer. Hilarious. This is too embarrassing not to share, and I'm excited to just put things out there (the website is almost done!! So close. It's looking great): A 2005 breakdancing battle. I'm thinking maybe I should try to figure out a way to get to Korea to study papermaking AND breaking.

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Anonymous said...

that is AMAZING!!! you look soooooo cooooollllllio. i think vt will be really really refreshing for you. we are finally back to denton. long drive. freezing in new mexico. beautiful and super cold. stayed with sherra. it was nice to see her and use her shampoos. :)

love you and you rock. your sense of time is so perfect in this dance. a+