Monday, January 01, 2007

No pics, but SOON

And they are fuuuuunny. Gili and I did brunch and silly pics and videos and walking around in the morning. She made me take off my high heeled boots and gave me her too big but very comfy and warm shooties. The pictures will show it. I did a quick stop in Park Slope; sadly, my stuff is STILL not done. Then I did Korean food w/Cindy and Ivan and more cream puffs at Beard Papa. I got a wooden brush, finally, coveted the wooden comb but didn't get it, and then got on the train to meet Kiwon at her place. Totally missed my stop from sleepiness and had to walk a lot more than I'd like. In the shooties. Party time soon. Haven't napped yet.


Gili Warsett said...

i just bought myself a brand new pair of red shooties to start the new year off right. they're coming to somerville. i can't wait!! i'm so glad you wore them all over town.
looking forward to the pics.

i hope your new year's party is super fun.

polarchip said...

What is a shootie?? I can't wait to see the pics!!

Are the beard dude cream puffs really that good? I wasn't sure if it was just another Japanese/Taiwanese uber trendy thing or if they're actually good. I saw the shop a while back and was very curious.

Happy, happy New Year!

aimee said...

ya, i like the cream puffs a lot. tho i am super paranoid about sugar nowadays. i was very good last night at the party and did NOT eat any carrot cake.

shoe + bootie = shootie!