Friday, June 08, 2012


I woke up, foot more swollen and bruised. After hearing the rationale for going to the doctor, I finally decided to visit urgent care. They wouldn't take my Medicaid so I paid up for x-rays. After a long wait to be seen (this place did lots of drug tests for people who seemed to have shown up all at once), I finally got the answer I was hoping for: no broken bones! What a relief. I was so happy that I made the doctor repeat himself over and over. Nothing broken? Alleve 2x a day? My foot can bear weight? The dirt in my hands will go away? (Rita had been so kind as to get my sewing kit for me in the morning so I could needle tiny pebbles out of my palms. She also made my bed, seeing as I insisted on doing laundry and showering in the morning because I did not want to be gross forever. AND she cooked me dinner last night and lunch today, plus brought me bfast. She is just as great a nurse as Vagner, though Cobi also shared pushing me in an office chair duties. This crew has been really wonderful.) Now I feel like I can get on with things. Tomorrow I start to apply heat and do the simple rehab of tracing circles and the alphabet with my foot in warm water. In a week I should be okay! I was so happy that I joined some residents for a foreign film on campus and shared a double chocolate cookie and popcorn with Vagner. So happy to be in clean sheets, looking forward to greeting the studio tomorrow (as well as the rainbow of bruising that will be on display for a while on the foot). TGIF!


  1. Ooh! Read this and The Fall in reverse, b/c I was driving all day yesterday. So glad you have the all-clear; having a sprain on a residency is no fun...hope it heals up soon.

  2. glad you have some clarity from the dr. that's what i did every week or so as a kid, fall off the bike, road rash, heal. i still have scars on knees and elbows. i think a fall like that now would have me down for months. take it easy and heal. the universe speaks.


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