Sunday, June 03, 2012

First Sunday of the second month

I went to bed early with earplugs, which was good timing because of an unexpected loud party across the way. I got up early and then hit the studio for an attempt at Easygoing Sunday. I ground ink for the first time since 2010!
Cheryl had told about practicing this for the past few years. I am getting some good daily coaching from Marci via phone. Thank goodness for good friends. It's so hard for me to move away from negativity and those nasty brain loops but I am going to try to overcome that tonight in time for a potluck and salon. I am thinking I will make some soup but that's mostly because it's cold inside from A/C and I have almost no food left.
To take a break from the chamber pot this weekend, I used old scraps to make this baby (and what it's hanging from). My break from campus today was to ride with John to the gas station for a car wash and serious interior cleaning. I helped and was grossed out but at least now the green Subaru here is nice and clean for the residents.
I did some drawings, too, but am on the fence about if I want to have stick figures in my hanji book. Hm.


  1. is that fiber holding your tiny woman vessel raw fiber? i love the greens!

  2. thanks! yes, almost raw. it's dak thread, partially cooked paper mulberry bast fiber (like 1 hr in soda ash) and then teased apart and twisted. the three-prong was an accident, but then a happy one.


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