Thursday, June 07, 2012

Another kind of trip, or fall

I felt like I was on such a roll but this morning, in a mix of rushing, not wanting to disappoint others or ask favors, and poor bicycling skills, I wiped out in a dirt lot near the residency. It didn't phase the men with their trucks at all, so I was lucky that Vagner emerged after not finding me for our usual gym date. He helped me up, violin on my back and library books on my shoulder, and walked the bike back while I hobbled to the office to clean my hand scrapes, take drugs, and lay on the floor with ice. The faboo staff finally got me up and to my bed and soon I had extra pillows, candy, a hot lunch, more ice, calls, and visits. Of course I should have taken it easy, but I never do, so here's the forced rest. Three books, an iPad, two phones, and dirty everything (so much for doing laundry! I tried at one point to get a load together but my foot balked. I'm trying to finish a novel by Rita, one of the current residents. Mostly I am jealous of everyone else who gets to walk around, la dee da.

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