Friday, May 04, 2012

A moment outside

Sadly, this window is only visible to the person in the most amazingly-lit studio of the bunch. That goes to a painter, of course!
This is another set of windows, very high up, in the space. I'm in a dark corner but haven't been affected yet since I've been holed up in my room working on the computer. I got amazing edits back from a reader who really did the work and was super honest in her feedback, which I so appreciate. But that means WHOA a lot of work to do.
No weaving happening of yet but the cords are all ready for it!
I went out today for a yummy Mexican lunch and then a little bit of walking about, seeing a few galleries, with a painter here.
It was lovely to get out, but now I am ready for a nap since I am not used to this kind of sun and dry heat. I was so happy to come back to a wonderful message from Carol where she shared this amazing wind map. Perfect pre-nap wonder.

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