Friday, January 13, 2012

Nice to assuage not nice

Proofs of the new print.

I woke up with inexplicable vertigo. Maybe still angry from a car behind us last night, honking incessantly even though we were at a red light and there were cars whizzing by so we couldn't turn right. After the light turned, that car raced to pass us, cut us off, and then braked HARD. Black Porsche SUV, tinted windows. When we moved into the right lane, it immediately moved to threaten it would do the same, when in fact, it was moving to the left lane and turning left. This kind of human behavior, I cannot understand.

But who cares, b/c I get to visit Sri today!! I anticipate a whole new world that will remind me which one I prefer to inhabit.

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Velma Bolyard said...

home and no power all morning, but have a blast!
and those drivers, well, they should be shot dead!!! no, they should do yoga.