Friday, November 11, 2011

Nothing according to plan

This week has been supremely funky, and I haven't been able to get a toehold into any of my various projects, including the most important and pressing task of writing. But I'm trying to not get too upset about it. Yesterday I had a lovely lunch and walk through Central Park w/an old friend and then stayed in the studio for hours until class. I found out that I had OVERcarved and also that I'm fine at carving. Not the disaster I feared. This is one of four proofs from last night, three blocks. You can see the registration issues, but the final edition will be different. It was nice to start pulling proofs, though, after weeks of carving. I also got the chance to extol the virtues of teflon folders and paper cutting knives to my classmates, so I was happy to spread the word of cutting down by hand (the paper cutter in the studio is VERY suspect).

I was going to write now before meeting another friend for lunch today but I think I will draw instead (for a deadline). Sunlight like this is precious these days. Besides, today is a date full of ones, so it might as well begin new practices.


  1. aimee, paper cutting knife in hand, rules! your print is so you.

  2. i think that's why i finally did it--all the other ideas i had for prints were NOT so me.


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