Friday, November 25, 2011

It can't all go in at once

This is the combination of poor sheet formation plus poor parting plus WAY too much external sizing, leading to paper that can't take ink. I went overboard with the rice paste, and it went beyond permeating and coating the hanji. But it makes me think of this process I'm in now, writing this book. I thought I was near the end of the rough draft, and I am, but as I cull my past words more carefully, I realize that I can't put it all in one book, or in this one. There's so much I could add, but I'm not sure this is the time to talk about my Korean language teacher, crazy cabbies, or all the things you can do with raw egg yolks. I'm astounded by the things I survived, and feel even more deeply what everyone else said about it taking years to process.

For now, maybe another hour of work, trying not to cram it all in. I want a nicely sized book, not one that slumps over because it's overloaded.

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  1. i think the egg yolk book is vital! seriously, you're right about keeping the book about itself, not all the peripheries. though the egg info sounds interesting...


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