Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Edits to the routine

While having family and then sister time this weekend, we browsed Korean shops and I HAD to buy this because it was just too perfect. I may never use the notebook to write in but will certainly use the cover to show concise design.

This morning, I finally sent off work for this month's big deadlines, for which I had purposely changed my writing schedule (I was writing, but something else). And then, with the excuse that I had to pull hanji to test with more external sizing, I suddenly was surrounded by a sea of hanji and next thing you know, I'm on the floor on plastic sheeting, banging on a new piece that I had wanted to make since early October. It will reveal itself when dry but for now I am very happy I did that. I know that I can't sustain regular making of things with my hands while I am typing with my fingers, but I can only go so long without making anything at all.

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  1. YAY! you sound so engaged in your work, and i know your hands are happy now.


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