Wednesday, October 12, 2011

True warmth

Yesterday's mailbox yielded a soft package that was still warm when I opened it (it was sunny yesterday, so I assume it warmed it while the mail carrier was making deliveries). See the spun paper that wrapped the gift? So you know it was from Velma!

It came in the middle of a very productive day. An article draft done, 1,700 tiny pieces of hanji sorted and counted, a stirring draft of the speech I would have made about the merits of papermaking if I was able to, another chapter of Korean history read, and a delicious hot lunch made in the excitement of Getting Things Done. Maybe the full moon was to blame. I didn't want to go to sleep because I knew that not every day would be so productive, and I wasn't looking forward to whatever slump today would bring. But I got up to Jami recommending a superb article about single women. Today also brings a bright spot: I'm going to visit the bakery to try a carrot cupcake. If I like it, cupcakes for my birthday this weekend! If not, two cakes are already ordered for that day.

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