Monday, October 03, 2011

Small victories

I cheated today and dried eight sheets of Morgan kozo that I made Japanese style, on the heat dryer, without pressing. I love skipping steps. They're lovely. I managed also to make one perfect blue sheet in drying, but ripped it while peeling it off the dryer. Tom got my VERY best one, the last two that I left stuck together instead of attempting to part them. So the Morgan now has a nice selection of hanji: Japanese kozo, Korean dak, Thai kozo, and two blues. I'm going home with the rest. Velma, even in the midst of her own challenges, gave me very very good advice last night, which I followed today. I cut down a TON of hanji into 2x3 samples while I had use of a shears and guillotine. I think I have almost 2,000 but have to curate them when I get home. I had hoped to do it here with a lightbox, but this is pretty good progress for a week of work. And what a week it has been! I'll be happy to get home tomorrow, if for nothing but a night of sleep and a morning of sleeping in.

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