Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pleasant things

Hanji samples that never made the cut. This is the "wrinkles" batch being tested: first they got coated with methylcellulose yesterday. Then I methylcellulosed several into larger patched pieces so I can make slightly larger images.

And these are the tests: unsized hanji vs. methylcellulose as external sizing. Is there a difference? Yes. Will it be enough to hold up to multiple print runs? Good question. Won't know for a while. But I'd prefer sticking to MC since the other external sizing options are all substances that insects love to eat.

The colors are changing slowly. My mother predicts slow color change but drastic leaf loss. We shall see. Today I jumped onto a train to have a sister afternoon/evening. We met at the art supply store so she could get me birthday gifts: woodcarving tools! Then a walk, frozen yogurt, shopping, and a Korean dinner. She got me a bday cake plus very exciting candles. Leave it to the Koreans to make such lovely things. We'll see each other again tomorrow with the rest of the family and another cake. I'm glad I caught that train.

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  1. your mom may be right. one tree in the yard was half green, but those leaves are now down and, oddly, golden. love the sampling. i guess i could give methyl cel another try...


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