Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trying to dry

[A mural at Third World Co-op at Oberlin.] Today is still not over but I am waiting for a sheet of paper to dry and it takes at least five minutes per sheet on this useful but not very hot heat dryer. I pulled all three pounds of Japanese kozo today but the formation aid, again, did not set up, so I had to do a lot of technique modification to get sheets formed, period. I had to press twice b/c I was too conservative in the first round (and a little too aggressive in the second!). So my body is killing me. The sheets were insanely thin, which was a risk, and I'm paying for it now while drying. After trying to do one at a time (which are two sheets), I now am going two at a time (four sheets). I probably pulled over 100 sheets (meaning about 50 sheets, but now with these doubled-up ones, 25??) but will be lucky if I get enough to cut into 1,700 tiny samples for publication.

Long, hard day but still a lot of learning. Time to see if this sheet has dried yet!

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  1. so much work. but doesn't it feel like the right work?


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